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Elliott Robinson

President and 2nd Gen, Robinson Financial Group

When he was ten years old Elliott watched as his father Shelly, an accountant by training, began his new career in the insurance business. He witnessed how much fulfillment his father enjoyed, meeting new people and helping them solve financial issues to protect their loved ones. Honesty and integrity were at the core of Shelly’s philosophy of always doing the right thing on behalf of his clients.

After completing his own accounting degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Elliott chose a career working alongside his father in the insurance industry. Over the next 50 plus years, he has continued to apply the lessons learned about family, caring for others, honesty and charity and is sure to continue to do so, serving the group’s clients – generation three and beyond. Elliott is an expert “protection specialist”, creative in the world of wealth protection, employee compensation programs and solving personal and corporate needs.

For the past 50 years of his life, Elliott has been philanthropically involved in local and national vital causes with an emphasis within the Jewish community in the U.S. and Israel. Most notably, he has served the last 20 plus years as a board member of the Jewish United Fund and served on numerous committees, including the Legacies and Endowments Committee that he currently chairs. He continues to be busy with numerous other charitable projects in the US and Israel, including as a board member of the Jewish Federation of Chicago, a past President and Chairman of the Board of Hillel Torah Day School in Chicago, Camp Moshava, a board member of Keshet School for children with special needs, the JCC Endowment Committee, and a trustee of One Israel Fund.

Elliott’s life revolves around his wife, Ronni and their three daughters, two sons, and 18 grandchildren. He understands and lives successful succession, with his 3rd generation two sons, Dov and Andrew, joining him as principles of Robinson Financial Group.

In addition to hugging, kissing, spoiling and playing with his 18 grandchildren every chance he gets, Elliott remains passionate – even post- hip surgery – about sports … playing golf and skiing, watching hockey, basketball, and football and, while a born and bred Sox fan … actually likes the Cubs too!