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Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

University Club of Chicago

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The 2018 East Coast Family Office Conference


08:00-09:00am Registration & Refreshments
09:00-09:10am Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Moderator: Mr. Dale Jackson, Financial Markets Research, WABC Radio NYC
09:10-09:30am Think Bigger: Entrepreneurs and their Families  – Mr. Michael Sonnenfeldt, Founder & President, TIGER 21
The Technology Session
09:30-10:10am The Artificial Intelligence Panel
Moderator: Mr. Mark D. Minevich, Advisor & Digital Fellow to CEO, IPsoft, Sr Fellow of US Council on Competitiveness
With: Mr. Chetan Dube, President & CEO, IPsoft, Mr. Michael O’Rourke, Senior Vice President, Machine Intelligence & Data Services, Nasdaq, Mr. Irakli Beridze, Head of the United Nations Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (UNICRI), Mr. Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science, Bloomberg L.P., Mr. Mike Tamir, Head of Data Science, Uber ATG, Mr. Hussein Mehanna, Director, Google AI/MI
This panel will together with leading global experts explore some of the most critical issues facing AI, such as: how has technology changed the way people are hired and the future of work with intelligent machines converging with humans, how do we measure ROI in AI, discussion about benefits, risks of AI, use case examples – how traditional companies and family holdings make the best use of current technologies to solve complex problems and how do investors make money with AI, the role of humans in relation to AI is, how do we use AI for social impact, and what the exciting game changing breakthroughs on the immediate horizon are.
10:10-10:25am Evolution, not Revolution: Saga and the Future of Cryptocurrencies – Mr. Ido Sadeh Man, Founder & Foundation Council President, Saga Foundation
10:25-10:45am Federal Opportunity Zones – New Tax Incentives – Ms. Marla Miller, National Tax Office Managing Director, BDO
10:45-11:00am COPIA Agro and Food Technologies Fund – Impact Investments for a Sustainable Future – Mr. Ohad Zuckerman, Managing Partner, COPIA Ag & Food Technologies Ltd.
11:00-11:10am Investing in Innovation in Healthcare – Ms. Lisa Wheatley, Partner, Senior Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager, Nicholas Investment Partners
11:10-11:40am Break
11:40-12:00pm Fireside Chat with Mr. Mark Sotir, Co-President, EGI and Ms. Wendy Craft, Chief Operating Officer, Favara
A Look Behind the Curtain at Sam Zell’s Investment Firm – Mr. Mark Sotir will provide Insights into how Sam Zell’s Private Investment Firm looks at Opportunistic Investing and makes the most of its access to Private Principal Capital. Sotir will also cover how EGI applies Zell’s fundamental principles in identifying, pursuing and managing investments.
The Real Estate Session
12:00-12:10pm Port Tel Aviv. A New & Revolutionary Luxury Residence and Hotel – A New Standard of Luxury Lifestyle in Tel Aviv – Ms. Lee Ziv, VP Sales & Marketing, Port Tel Aviv Residence, Hagag Group
12:10-12:30pm The Evolution of Real Estate Family Offices Panel
Moderator: Mr. David Teten, Managing Partner, HOF Capital
With: Mr. Julien Haccoun, Managing Member, Steinmauer Family, Mr. Eli Verschleiser, Chairman & CEO, The Multi Group of Companies
This panel will discuss the history of the panelists’ family offices; structure; current allocation; new initiatives; use of technology; and role of the next generation family members. The model which helped families achieve wealth is likely not the right model for the next decades, or for the next generation.
12:30-01:00pm Next Generation Wealth with a Focus on Social Impact
Moderator: Mr. David Homan, CEO, Orchestrated Connecting and Executive Director, AICFWith: Ms. Grace Kim, Founder & Managing Partner, GeoStrat Ventures, Ms. Malia Fisher, Founder & President, Defiant, Mr. Justin Kamine, Cofounder, KDC Ag and Partner, Kamine Development Corporation, Mr. Xander Schultz, Venture, Impact Investing & Philanthropy, Galaxy Investment Partners
The immense transfer of wealth to the next-generation will be create a monumental shift in impact investing and social philanthropy. Four next-generation leaders who are part of the Nexus Global Community will discuss their work in impact, their motivation to act now to create social change, and how more family offices and businesses can become part of the solution.
01:00-02:00pm Lunch
02:00-02:20pm Disruption and Passion for a Change – Mr. Uri Levine, Serial Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder, Waze
The Financial Session
 02:20-02:40pm The First Generation Single Family Offices Panel
Moderator: Ms. Marcia Nelson, Managing Director, Alberleen Family Office Solutions
With: Mr. Seung Bak, Founder, Luvie Holdings, Mr. Oleg Uritsky, CEO, Helge Capital
Serials Entrepreneurs turned family offices – what’s next for the first generation wealth creators? Join us for this panel of entrepreneurs who sold their companies and started their own family offices. They will discuss what drives them, and what they’re passionate about, as well as what types of investments they’re interested in. Most importantly, what’s next for these wealth creators?
02:40-03:00pm The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s Impact on Cybersecurity: Opportunity and Disruption – Panel
Moderator: Mr. Jonathan M.Conrad, Chairman, CEO & Founder, AdmieMobile LLC
With: Mr. Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute, Mr. William F. Pelgrin, Co-Founder & CEO, CyberWA, Inc.
This panel will discuss some history to understand the future opportunity and disruption, privacy and property rights impacted, as well as core issues of the fourth industrial revelutional on national and global security.
03:00-03:20pm Break
03:20-03:40pm Managing Alternative Investments in a Rising Interest Rate Environment – Mr. Anthony Scaramucci, Founder, SkyBridge Capital
03:40-04:00pm WATERGATE and Other Movies: The Financing and Control of Independent Films – Mr. Charles Ferguson, Founder & President, Representational Pictures
04:30-06:00pm A Cocktail Reception hosted by BDO at the Union League Club