Ms. Galia Hazan-Tiroche

Ms. Galia Hazan-Tiroche

Co-Manager, Tiroche Auction House

Galia was born into a family of Art-lovers and dealers.

Her grandfather Jean Tiroche, who immigrated to Israel after losing most of his family in the Holocaust, reinvented himself and his family-legacy to become one of the world's most renowned international art dealers. Years later, his son and son-in-law founded Israel’s leading auction house, Tiroche.

After graduating Suma Cum Laude in Economics and Islamic studies from the American University in Paris, Galia returned to Israel and joined the family business.

Together with her brother, they grew the business while entering new fields. In parallel to co-managing Tiroche, Galia earned a BA in Art history from Tel Aviv University, successfully completed the Decorative Art and Design program ran by Sotheby’s London and the Curatorial studies at the Israeli Art Center.

Understanding the importance of growing the family business and keeping the family united, Galia initiated intergenerational processes with her parents and siblings, leading to a Family Agreement, which would reconcile any future conflict.

For the past four years, Galia is an active member in Dorot’s innovative Peer Circle for Next-Generation members of family-owned businesses.

She is currently studying towards her MA in Psychology at the IDC Herzelia.

Galia lives in Israel with her husband and three children. She volunteers frequently as a mentor for women from underprivileged societies ("Yozmot Atid") and in fund raising events in the art world.