Adv. Michal Alshech Ben Dan

Adv. Michal Alshech Ben Dan

CEO, Ben Eli Alshech Import & Marketing Ltd.

Michal is the third generation at the Ben Eli Alshech Company. Michal has been working there alongside her father for the last 10 years.

Her grandfather, Haim Ben Eli, came to Israel in the age of 16 and worked as a construction worker in the building industry. He quickly understood the needs of the growing state and using his knowledge of 7 languages, started at the early 60’s to import and sell tools for the kitchen-top and tombstone industry.

The company serves the local Israeli kitchen top factories and the floor polishing market and sells marble and granite slabs imported from around the world, Caesar stone slabs and technical supplies.

Earlier in her career, Michal practiced law at an insurance & tort private firm, After that, lead a social welfare division in the Tel-Aviv municipality.

Michal has a LLB and BSW degree and an MBA all from Tel-Aviv University.

And a Play Therapy certificate from Bar Ilan University. She is a member in Dorot’s innovative Peer Circle for Next-Generation members of family-owned businesses

Michal lives in Tel Aviv with her partner, Eilon Armon, and her two boys.